Byington Memorials and Funeral Products

We supply a full line of caskets, urns, burial vaults, headstone repair and cleaning, cemetery lettering, and funeral service set ups at a cemetery.  Our goal is to give families a way to cut the high cost of a funeral for a loved one.  Most people are not aware that the only two things you must use the services of a funeral home is if you choose to have a loved one embalmed or cremated. And there is no law that requires you to do either.

Our goal is to educate the public and empower them at the hardest times of their lives, the passing of a loved one.  Knowing what your rights are, and what to expect and most of all being prepared with knowledge.

We offer a full range of concrete burial vault, urns, urn vault, serenity vault casket combos from preemie, infant, toddler, up to 54” youth. We also offer the full line of caskets go to pick out what you like and call for pricing (number of item), delivery within twenty-four hours.

The Federal Trade Commission requires funeral home to follow the law, or they could be fined and/or lose their license. This rule is to protect the consumer from being taken advantage of.  However, they do not always follow the intent of the law. It is particularly important you educate yourself. There are three basic rules that the funeral industry must follow. The follow is a short version:

  1. They must give you a written general price list before show any product, such as a casket.
  2. They cannot mislead or lie to you. Example: They cannot tell you that the body must be embalmed to cross a state line.
  3. The Funeral Rule: to promote competition, allows you to purchase products from a third party: such as burial vaults or caskets.

Funeral industry is a several billion dollar a year industry, and money talks.  They have found ways to get around the funeral rule example by stopping suppliers from selling to the public.  Example telling a supplier of burial vault company, that they may purchase hundreds of vaults a year that if they sell to the public they will go to a different supplier. This is total unethical; I know of a new funeral homes attempting to open a small funeral home but were hampered by not being able to purchase burial vaults.  Most suppliers are not going to give up a customer that may purchase hundreds of vaults to sell direct to the public, or in this case to a new funeral home, that may only purchase fifty vaults a year, or to one customer purchasing only one vault.  It is not right that this happens, but it does. By doing this it makes it extremely hard for families to purchase products from a vault supplier or casket store.

I have seen examples of the three classes of family members: When families meet with the funeral home there are usually at least three family members present. If the funeral director can identify the following, he or she may add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a funeral.

  1. The go along! This is a person that whatever other members want, they are ok with and will go along with whatever the others want.
  2. The penny pincher: Not that this person is cheap, but they may ask, why do I need a sealed casket when my loved one is going into a sealed burial vault? A sealed casket is most likely hundreds of dollars more than a non-sealing casket. Thus, the funeral home makes more money.
  3. Know the guilty party: This is the person that for whatever reason, they are feeling guilty for some reason, perhaps they may feel bad for something said, or not done for their loved one. In this case families often spend up to forty percent more than normal.

Knowledge is power and being prepared with a plan will save you thousands of dollars.

Our funeral home is here to provide you with expert assistance. Wheelchair accessible entrance available. Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us today.